SYZA 70s

A few years ago, 4 to be precise, when I ‘left’ the advertising world for a suit and tie office, I was not very surprised to find that my wardrobe had very little to offer in terms of clothing options. I was then introduced to Sylvia who worked out of her home make tailored clothes for clients with different needs and from all walks of life. She came to my rescue then and got me a new wardrobe. Three years later she came back to me with a request for a logo that would communicate the uniqueness of what they were offering and also something that would echo that classic chic look. I hoped they would settle for the third option, they settled for the wild card no.2 – as clients have been known to do.

For me, it was very different from the type of logo I usually build which often has movement and a juxtaposition of soft against strong and bold. Over time I have come to appreciate that wild card, It demonstrated that there is value in taking a different approach from time to time.